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    Escort Stories – Angry Planet Stories 101

    I just had a conversation with a couple of male escorts, and I have to say that I was really surprised with what I had to hear from them. I asked many questions about their profession and all about the clients that they met and I really have to say that some people are into some really weird things. He says that most of the time they only want sex, but some other times they ask for other things that are really hard to do, and sometimes they say that most of the requests make them really uncomfortable. I have basically quoted everything that they have said down below; you…

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    Escorting Advice – How-To Guide 101

    If you are an individual who is in the prime of your life or if you are young enough to even think about becoming an escort, you have come to the right place. Bradford is a good place to enjoy your escort. It has much to offer the sexual pleasure seekers of Yorkshire. Follow our advice to make the most of your Bradford escorts anytime of the year.

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    Escort Services and Mental Health

    An ever increasing side of escorting is the mental health. Sleeping with lots of different men and woman for money. Does it effect the mental health of an escort? Because of the way these girls are shamed in society, no one is ever really there to help them. So not many studies have been conducted. But We have really tried to look in to it, to ensure these Angry Planet escorts do not fall short of expectations.